Estate Planning
& Asset Protection
For Families & BUSINESSES

Estate Planning involves giving away your stuff after you die…

Asset Protection involves ensuring nobody takes it from you before you do.
Estate Planning, without Asset Protection, is incomplete, unnecessary & potentially moot. (you can no longer give away what neglect already took away)

Estate Planning & Asset Protection are not Mutually Exclusive...

... They're Mutually Interdependent

"One & Done"
Legacy Estate Planning

People die; entities & (certain) agreements do not. Why take care of only your affairs, when you can similarly situate your Successors? Exploit & enjoy single-Document dictates that set the stage for inter-generational familial stewardship.

Dynastic Asset Segregation,
Protection & Aggregation

Most family destinies involve each generation acquiring, then exhausting, a single lifetime of resources. Break the cycle of perpetual economic depletion (and your Progeny chronically "starting over") with safeguarded accural & multiplication.

Generational Business/Fiscal
Continuity & Control

People literally lose the "family farm" & business control from insufficient (or non-existent) preemption. Prevent loss from lethargy with on-board succession triggers facilitating uniterrupted management of assets and business endeavors.

Inherent Tax Mitigation
& Dimunition Planning Latitude

"Taxation" is a moving target, so we never let the tax tail wag the dog. Fortunately, there are intrinsic, deliberate, specific tax benefits plus lots of creative, flexible reduction opportunities (due to Structure intricacy & its dynamic moving parts).

Insider Advocacy For
Building Your Dynasty
& Leaving A Legacy...

... Lasting Longer Than
America's Been A Nation

Your Irrevocable, Discretionary, Spendthrift, Beneficiary-taxed, Asset Protection, Dynasty Trust-based Generational Wealth Builder Estate Plan is a complete Prosperity promotion & preservation Package…

solving problems you don’t yet know about,
… serving descendants you’ll never know about.

In-Built Privacy Lets You Exist Without Even "Existing"

Freedom, without privacy, is an illusion. With Generational Wealth Builder, it's not either/or, but both/and. Indigenous mechanisms let you fly secret & solo. Anonymity spawns autonomy. Even completely "go dark," if you want. Enjoy.

"Benefits, Not Burdens" &
the "Not You Container"

If you don't have it, they can't take it. That's why "own nothing in your own name" is Rule #1. Holding "your" stuff in a stand-alone, layered-protection "basket" - that's not you - offers the Opportunities of ownership, without the Obligations (and risks).

20 Years of Trench-Tested, Problem-Free Protection

The thoroughness & quality of your decisions & actions is directly related to the thoroughness & quality of the information that undergirds them. Our customers have triumphed unscathed through bankruptcy, IRS liens, litigation, inheritance grabs, etc..

Self-contained Administration With "Internal" LLC Management

We have a legal system, not a justice system. Confuse the two at your own peril. We use liberal drafting, generous powers, and redundant flexible internal controls to guard against court, or other "outside," intermeddling of our Trusts & LLCs.

There Are Only 2
Components to Your
Generational Wealth Builder
Estate Planning &
Asset Protection Structure

We use Irrevocable, Discretionary, Spendthrift, Beneficiary-taxed, Asset Protection, Dynasty Trusts.  For reasons beyond the scope of this website’s introductory purpose, we use two such Trusts – a “Main” Trust and a “Management” Trust. 

The “Main” Trust is the “Value” Trust, which holds the bulk of the assets (including/primarily LLC Membership interests).  The “Management” Trust indirectly holds a minor management interest in the “Main” LLCs, via a “Management” (Company) LLC that it solely owns. 

The dual ownership provides charging order protection as a stopgap asset protection strategy.

We use Delaware LLCs.  Yes, we’ve heard all about how “it’s better in SD, NV, and WY.”  Of course, nobody has yet substantiated that hollow claim freely proffered (with great confidence & conviction, I might add) in a vacuum.  Until & unless someone actually proves their heretofore unverified conclusion valid, we’ll keep “running with the pack” and doing what’s worked flawlessly for nearly 20 years now. 

As with the Trusts, we have both a “Main” LLC and “Management” LLC.  The “Main” LLCs serve as the way to “drop-down” daily operational control over business & assets to the Manager of the “Management” Company LLC (typically the “original/initial” Trust Beneficiary). 

The “default” Structure Package comes with 2 “Main” LLCs (but this can be reduced to 1 to keep initial costs down & at least get the Structure in place).  Multiple “Main” LLCs allow for the segregation of assets.  The “Main” LLCs are multi-member entities, owned primarily by the “Main” Trust with a membership interest held by the “Management” Company LLC (which itself is wholly owned by the “Management” Trust). 

The dual ownership provides charging order protection as a stopgap asset protection strategy.

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New For 2023:

Generational Wealth Builder's
"Member's Lounge" - featuring the...

Wealth Guardian Legal Vault

Now Available in Your
"Member's Lounge" Account
by Generational Wealth Builder

Empowering you with the "What, Why - and HOW."

Your #1 goal, after reading this public webpage, should be to establish a private “Member’s Lounge” Account and get access to the priceless “Wealth Guardian…” for 2 reasons:

INFORMATION: On the one hand, the Wealth Guardian provides a standardized (dare I say “perfected”) presentation of “What” we do & “Why” we do it.  The Modules are dripped (released) serially each week, so you’re not only progressively learning & getting answers to questions you never even had (as well as the ones you do have)… but also being automatically guided through the process, proactively prompted to take the next Step.

INSTRUCTION: On the other hand, the Wealth Guardian provides a step-by-step explanation of “How” we do it (specifically, the “administrative tasks”).  Now, for the first time ever, you can (optionally) do it yourself too (for free).  Be empowered to engage the process using the exact same procedures we’d employ if doing it for you (for a fee).  

Generational Wealth Builder (G.W.B.) has 2 websites:

1.  The Public site  (which you’re on right now)
2.  A Private Member’s Lounge   (containing Wealth Guardian Legal Vault… and much more)

G.W.B.’s Virtual Member’s Lounge is a members-only website offering password-protected, digital access to our entire Resource Library & Self-help Web Portal –  24/7/365, on-demand.  At the epicenter of the Member’s Lounge is the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault (“Wealth Guardian”)… where we’ve distilled down the best of what our nearly 20 years in Tax-Advantaged Estate Planning & Asset Protection has to offer the world. 

Wealth Guardian is essentially your economic husbandry “handbook” – a chaperone through your maturation into a family destiny interventionist & conservationist.  Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you…  and you should get your hands on right away (see “2 Ways To Access…” Section, next):

You receive a full Introduction to, and Overview of, your G.W.B. Estate Planning & Asset Protection Structure Package. 

The included Structure Diagram maps out the interrelations of the neverthless stand-alone, autonomous component parts. 

We provide a deeper education on Estate Planning and Asset Protection, illustrating the unnecessary hazards of having one without the other, and revealing the flaws in other arrangements. 

Fully explore the reasons we use Delaware, examining a few in-depth examples we provide to further make the case. 

Our “Housekeeping” advice provides for ease-of-use of Wealth Guardian, your digital handbook, so you’re able to exploit all it has to offer both effectively and efficiently. 

Finally, we include some Miscellaneous Questions and Answers that – while not generally applicable to most – have come up in the past and might nevertheless be of some benefit to others.

10 Step-by-Step, paced, hand-holding Modules provide a standardized, streamlined, refined & heavily-reviewed presentation of every aspect of bringing your Structure to fruition.

On the one hand, we’ll provide everything you need to know, and do, to achieve mastery over the “in-house” aspects of effectuating your G.W.B. Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package.

You’ll gain proficient understanding of the Structure, identifying optimized Trust & LLC Data Points for Custom Agreement Documents and deciding on the parties best-suited to help us accomplish our objectives – without compromising the efficacy of our Plan.

We provide precise instructions on how to handle such important, official Documents, including how to lawfully enact your Agreements with properly notarized & witnessed signatures.  We also provide assistance with formulating a “paper shuffle” gameplan, to help tame the could-be chaos.  We even share tips on aggregating executed Documents, whether and how to distribute copies to relevant parties, and even safely storing copies with security in mind.

On the other hand, we’ll freely hand over 2 decades of experience dealing with the relevant third parties we use in the process of our Prosperity-promoting and -preserving processes. 

For instance, we’ll walk you through the quick & easy way to get an EIN from the IRS – as well as what to do if things go south. 

Next, never formed an LLC in Delaware (or anywhere)?  Our Resources hold your hand and walk your through exactly what to do to officially register your Company, what options exist, how to navigate the system, and more. 

Then, when it’s time to formally sign on your registered agent, we won’t abandon you.  We take you through each aspect of getting that set up, including accessing their own customer database so you can readily manage your account.

While you’ve likely set up bank accounts before, we parse the distinctions and commonalities between personal and “commercial” accounts… so you’re well-armed to know what to expect.  In fact, we provide a crash course or FinCEN and CDD/KYC legalities so you can’t be bamboozled by a bumbling (incompetent, but nevertheless confident) banker.  There’s an exceptionally good chance you’ll know more than your banker – before you ever walk in the door – by the time we’re done.

Wealth Guardian contains both Information (on What we do and Why we do it) and Instruction (on How to do it).

To that end, we use a number of Auxiliary and Visual Aides to facilitate the learning process.

For instance, we use Diagrams to visually “paint the picture” and illustrate spatial relations.

WorkSheets frame up exactly what we’re asking of you, so you providing it is fill-in-the-blank straightforward.

In-text Screenshots allow us to not only describe something, but also flat-out show it to you.

Other times, one-page Cheat Sheets give you a concise blurb to share with the people around you, so you’re not burying them in an avalanche of information… or otherwise trying to summarize things all on your own.

When it’s appropriate, or necessary, we simply link out to 3rd-party web resources for your convenience.

When it comes to the various “administrative tasks,” dozens of Notated Screenshot Tutorials, with explanatory text, reveal precisely how we personally handle the various “administrative tasks,” so now you can elect to do them yourself.  We literally share a screen capture of the process at each step along the way.

Whether it’s head-on Tips gained from years of experience, Sample Scenarios to state the case, Points to Ponder for clarity or relevance to your situation, or basic Q&As… if we thought it might help, without inundating you, we’ve included it.


We’re not here to simply wind you up and let you go.

I’m reasonably well confident people have run through a Revocable Living Trust mill, spent thousands of dollars, and never used it.  This doesn’t happen with our folks.

We make sure that you have the tools to not only command mastery over the matter, but also do so with an enjoyable confidence.

Our Supplemental “Maintenance” Documents include templates for managing personnel changes within your Structure, such as forms for removing & replacing Trustees & Protectors.  Additionally, you’ll find templates for recording distributions made… whether distributed from the Trusts “down into” to the LLCs, or else “upstreamed” from the LLCs to the Trusts that own them.

Moreover, we provide you with Quick-Reference Summary Pages (such as our at-a-glance Data Point Collection Sheetsso you always have your bearings and can readily keep a record of “who’s who in the zoo” among your “Container’s” moving parts.

Adding to the Supplemental instruments provided so you can easily manage your Structure, we extend beyond the scope of that work and offer further, “external” items you might find helpful.

These adjunct offerings include Resources that can be helpful with third parties, such as tax “professionals.”  While navigating the morass that is the Infernal Revenue Code is such a “professional’s” job, we provide a foundational overview of the implicated sections and options.

In lighter news, we provide a handy “Company Resolution” I’ve used to abbreviate a nearly 50-page LLC Operating Agreement and highlight authority to open & run a brokerage account.  These types of Documents can save you a lot of time.

Additionally, maybe you have some ocassion to use one or more of your LLCs as a “dba” (doing business as).  We shortcut this process by getting you access to this registration instrument so you can knock it out in no time, the first time… and the right way.

Need a great contract and nervous about snagging stuff off of the internet?  You should be.  Legal drafting is my thing.  In addition to taking an entire year of “Contracts” in law school, I then spent my summer – not at the beach – but, rather, in a class called “Drafting Contracts.”  Words matter.  Fortunately for you, included in these “Adjunct Materials” are several of my personal contracts you can pattern after.

You’ll enjoy 24/7/365 Support Ticket submission via our online HelpDesk. 

The Wealth Guardian is 97% complete. However, in the rare event you have a question not already addressed, simply ask away. We’ll answer it for you personally & then add it to the Wealth Guardian for the benefit of others.

We aim for response times inside of 72 hours.  Sometimes, it’s much faster – it simply depends on when the ticket hits.  Fortunately (for you), I personally work both Saturday & Sunday… so there really are no “days off.”

Wealth Guardian, your “Digital Attendant” through the Estate Planning & Asset Protection journey, is just the centerpiece of the Member’s Lounge – your overall private, membership-based web portal. 

On top of the BONUS Additional Resources included inside your Wealth Guardian portal, there are other goodies accessible via the overall Member’s Lounge Account. 

Easily available from the “G.W.B. Member’s Lounge Membership Collection HomePage,” you’ll find treats such as the massive BONUS: “Asset Protection Strategies of the Rich” (90-minute TeleSeminar).  This is typically $2,000.00, but it’s included free for ELITE Gold Members. 

In fact, ELITE Gold Members get the entirety of the Member’s Lounge offerings for free, excluding only customizable products. 

Let’s discuss ELITE Gold, and the alternative, in the next section.

(Click on Items Above to Expand/Contract)

There Are Only 2
Ways To Access The
Wealth Guardian Legal Vault

When you initiate purchase of your Dynasty Trust & LLC-based Estate Planning & Asset Protection Structure Custom Document Package, by making the initial $2,500 Reservation Deposit (or paying towards it with as little as $250), a complimentary “Member’s Lounge” Account is automatically created for you and the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault is unlocked within it – for free. 

As an ELITE Gold G.W.B. Member, you’ll also get complimentary access to our e-Book publications and even our classic 90-Minute TeleSeminar “Asset Protection Strategies of the Rich” (Reg. $2,000 – Yours FREE).  Our entire online learning center and Resource Library will be waiting for you.

If you want to take it slow, and “try before you buy” the Trust & LLC Custom Document Package, you can simply purchase direct access to the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault itself (instead of getting it free with your Custom Document Package purchase).  We happen to think you’re already ELITE simply for having a keen interest in this topic… so we call this Membership level ELITE Silver. 

The primary ELITE Silver option even credits your Wealth Guardian Access purchase towards your future Custom Document Package purchase bought within a year, so there’s nothing to lose (and no reason to wait). 

Get all the Information, even take action, and follow all the Instructions.  It’ll all be there waiting for you… and we’ll be waiting for you too & will happily upgrade you and compile YOUR custom Documents when you’re ready.  

(Click on Items Above to Expand/Contract)

It all starts here.

Whether you prefer a “done for you,” “done by you,” or “done with you” approach…

everyone will have the Wealth Guardian activated inside their digital Member’s Lounge Account – whether they actively lean on it to matriculate the process, or simply use it as a mere reference.

There Are Only 4
Questions That Create Your Custom
Document Package Plan & Experience

3-ring binder with spine showing tweaked final

Simply subtract 0-4 numbers.

The “default” plan mimics the $20,000 I was personally quoted almost 20 years ago (before even going to law school), and includes me conducting all “administrative tasks” and you receiving 2 Main LLCs.  I guide you through the process in real time, with you having direct email and office phone access to me.  I also serve in your Structure for a year (something I was never even offered). 

Even though you lean hard on me directly in this “Done For You” (“Hands Off”) option, you still have the Wealth Guardian (and should take responsibility for familiaraizing yourself with all of it).  I only WISH I’d had such a resource to revisit at will.  In short, for $20,000 you receive more than I did 20 years ago.

If you don’t need the full package, or need to get this going for less, from that $20,000 starting point you’ll subtract up to a total of $15,000 in discounts… based on your answers to these 4 QUESTIONS.  Remember, even if you whittle it down to $5,000…  you’re still receiving 4 Agreement Documents – 2 Trusts & 2 LLCs, totaling over 120 pages.

Whether you’re accessing Wealth Guardian to get started (ELITE Gold), or else to check things out & be sure it’s what you want to do (ELITE Silver), the next step is to determine exactly what you want & how you want it.  Getting acquainted with Wealth Guardian will help you choose what’s best for you.

Generational Wealth Builder now offers 16 Different Combinations of Custom Document Packages, and accompanying resultant experiences as you sojourn the process the way that suits you, representing a Price Range of $5,000 to $20,000. 

Today, the Wealth Guardian has systematized and automated the process of guiding you through this journey, providing prompts of necessary tasks, and gradually unfolding the material without overwhelming.  It also helps you matriculate through the “administrative tasks” on your own, if you so choose.  Leaning on me via the Wealth Guardian, rather than me personally in real time, can cut the cost of such a sophisticated Structure literally right in two.

Further, if you don’t need me to play a role in your Structure, you can save yet more… and end up paying just half of what I paid almost two decades ago (for the same thing).  Need to reel it in further?  Though I started with 2 “Main” LLCs, it’s not necessary.  Start with just 1 and – together with the efficiency (savings) spawned by the Wealth Guardian – you’re now at 75% off the 20k I was quoted nearly 20 years ago, for FOUR Agreement Documents.

Finding the Sweet Spot for you, among the 16 different combos, let’s you decide whether you want to be “Hands On,” “Hands Held,” or “Hands Off.”  It is as simple as answering these 4 QUESTIONS:

I will be guiding you through this process – one way or the other.  The only question is whether I’ll do so by phone & in writing via email… or in writing via the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault (inside the “Member’s Lounge).  For nearly the last two decades, I did all of this personally, live, in real time (by phone, email, and face-to-face).  It’s nothing for me to spend 10 hours of dedicated time with folks, outside of drafting Documents.  At a default of $750/hours, this adds up fast.  As of 2023, with the advent of the Wealth Guardian, you now have the option to have me guide you through this process, on demand, at your convenience with an optimized & standardized presentation (me as the “Wealth Guardian”).  Being able to state the important things really well, once, and in a place the entire planet can access at the same time leverages my time, yields efficiency, and permits me to drastically reduce the price (not to mention allowing me to help many more people at once).  The older I get, the more valuable my time becomes.  Accordingly, you taking some initiative here is like me handing you an $7,500 coupon (estimated 10 hours @ $750/hour).

LET’S DO THE “MAX SAVINGS” MATH:  This discount, alone, nearly cuts the cost in half – taking the default $20,000 Package down to just $12,500.

ExampleWe start at $20,000 with the “default” Plan Package.  Let’s assume you’re content using the Wealth Guardian to learn the “What, Why & How.”  You’re also fine with having the Steps unlock weekly and thus prompt you to complete the next Step.  In other words, you are comfortable matriculating through this process using a standardized, highly-refined system.  That being the case, and since I will be indirectly guiding you by way of the Wealth Guardian (and not by redundant, repetitive phone calls and emails), you can reduce the price of your investment by $7,500.  Now, before even answering any of the remaining 3 questions, you’re total is just $12,500 (at most).  Let’s move on to QUESTION #2.

Relax – we (most likely me) will always be creating your custom Agreement Documents.  That said, I’m as libertarian as they come so, if you want to give it a go, run it up the flagpole.  THAT said, I think it best to leave the drafting to those who know what they are doing are are specifically trained for such.  By contrast, there are core “adminstrative tasks” inherent in this process.  It’s the type of stuff that would likely be outsourced to a paralegal.  Rather than train and pay someone else to do your administrative tasks, why not train & “pay” YOU?  I can do them for you, but it will cost you.  In the alternative, you can follow the exact same steps I would take to get from start to finished.  If you’re willing to do so, you can save another $2,500.  I’m happy to help you do it, save the money, and it just frees me up to actually create Documents for more people if I’m not busy getting EINs & registering LLCs, etc..  Regardless, if you prefer to give the $2,500 to me, I’ll conduct unlimited LLC name searches, register your LLCs in DE, secure your Registered Agent, and obtain your EINs (for both Trusts and LLCs).  Do it yourself, on the other hand, and keep the $2,500.  Everything you need to know is right there in the Wealth Guardian portion of your “Member’s Lounge” web portal.

NOTE: There are minor 3rd party fees that are separate and must be paid by you even if I do the work.  Currently, these are just about $50 to the Registered Agent and $90 to register the LLC in DE ($140 if you’re in a hurry… and/or they’re running behind).

LET’S DO THE “MAX SAVINGS” MATH:  If you’ll simply let the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault guide you through the process (saving $7,500), and will simply conduct these “administrative tasks” (saving another $2,500), you’re up to $10,000 in savings… and down to just $10,000 in price.

ExampleWe’re now no longer starting at $20,000, because we subtracted $7,500 due to our decision to simply use the Wealth Guardian – rather than wanting to pick up the phone or shoot off an email on a whim.  Starting at $12,500, and having saved so much already, let’s assume you decide you don’t want to be bothered with the “administrative tasks.”  For $2,500, you’d just as soon have all of that done for you.  Therefore, this question yileds no further discount.  We’re still at $12,500 (tentatively), and we move on to QUESTION #3.

Some folks go shopping for a Trustor, Trustee & Protector and suddenly realize the 7,317 friends FakeBook says they have really don’t exist.  Accordingly, it’s not uncommon for me to serve as Trustee or Protector (or even Trustor, if need be) initially to jump start your Structure’s existence.  If you can populate the placeholders in your own Structure, great – you’ll save another $2,500.  However, if you’re like me, and really don’t have any friends, that’s okay.  I’ll play one of the roles for you, for a year, for $2,500 so we can at least get you up & running.  Fear not – I won’t leave you stranded.  If we need to explore helping you out beyond the first year, we’ll come up with something.  In any event, come hell, high water – or both – we’ll get it done.  I just want you to know you can slide in there on a budget if you can pick your own players.

LET’S DO THE “MAX SAVINGS” MATH:  So, simply reading the material in the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault saves you $7,500, while performing the “adminstrative tasks” saves you another $2,500 – taking you to just $10,000.  If you have people in your circle who can play the parts, you’ll save yet another $2,500 – taking you down to just $7,500, out the door, for everything.

ExampleTo recap, you subtracted $7,500 by opting to let the Wealth Guardian guide you, rather than me personally (one on one).  You declined the chance to save again by completing the “administrative tasks” yourself.  Thus, you’re at $12,500 going into this question.  Let’s assume that you have all of the people you need to populate your Structure, in which case you do not need to lean on me.  As a result, you can subtract another $2,500.  That takes you to $10,000.  Now, let’s go on to the final question – QUESTION #4.

The Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package Structure is “complete” with a “Main” Trust, “Management” Trust, “Main” LLC, and “Management” (Company) LLC.  In other words, that’s what is required for every feature & benefit to trigger.  That said, as noted, the “Main” LLCs generally become the primary asset “containers” and use of muliple “Main” LLCs allow for the segregation of assets.  For example, you would never ideally want a public-serving business (like a gas station/convenience store) in the same LLC as a 100-acre farm & ranch.  There’s just no sense in making the real property a potential asset to satisfy a judgment brought about by a customer claim or employee sexual harassment suit.  When I started nearly 20 years ago, I began with two “Main” LLCs (and then added over time as need be).  The “default” Package  Structure likewise includes two “Main” LLCs.  HOWEVER, please know that just ONE is sufficient to “birth” your Structure.  If it means the difference between you doing it – and not – please strongly consider leaving out the other “Main” LLC for now (you can always add it, and others, later).  If you trim back to just 1, it’ll save you $2,500 today, and you can at least get the Structure in place if that brings the project within reach.  That said, if you can afford it, leaving it in there is the least expensive way to get a second “Main” LLC (saving you $2,000 if you do it now).

LET’S DO THE “MAX SAVINGS” MATH:  $7,500 is already pretty lean, frankly (compared to what you paid for some sheet metal and fake rubber tires).  However, if you need to tighten the belt some more to get it done, you can get by with just one “Main” LLC for now and that will shave another $2,500 off – leaving you at a mere $5,000.  For $5,000 you’ll be putting in play an Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package (a 4-Document masterpiece) you’ll pass along to your great, great, great, great, great, great, great (you get the point) grand-children.  By contrast, your vehicle… well, you see where this is going.

ExampleWe begin at $10,000 ($20,000 – $7,500 – $2,500 = $10,000).  Now, let’s assume that you really do want to start off with 2 “Main” LLCs.  It doesn’t make sense to come back later and pay $4,500 to get another LLC.  Likewise, and accordingly, saving $2,500 by by-passing it today doesn’t pencil out (since you already know you want it).  Therefore, you just stick with the default – 2 “Main” LLCs, and thus do not subtract anything as a result of your answer to QUESTION #4.  Consequently, your Document Package Plan & Experience remains at $10,000 – which we now know is your final price.  (By point of comparison, this is the Package I was quoted $20,000 for 20 years ago… and actually ended up paying $15,000 out-of-pocket to get).

(Click on Items Above to Expand/Contract)

There Are Only 3
Things You Can Do Now

You don’t really have to fully decide to “do this” just yet. 

A remarkable number of people simply suffer from a failure of curiosity.  If that’s not you, and you’d like to saunter into deeper waters and explore the possibilities, there are several options for testing the waters without complete committment.  We’ll cover those “4 Options To ‘Do This,'” momentarily, in the next Section.

Marketers have come out of the woodwork in recent years offering the latest, greatest panacea… so there’s no shortage of “solutions” to purchase if you’re just looking to “do something” or if the price tail wags the dog. 

Alternately, some folks already have an “Estate Plan,” and some of those folks will stick with what they have (and forego replacements they deem superior) in an effort to justify their prior decision.  It’s sort of like the (treacherous) temptation to spend your entire life doing something you’d rather not… simply to justify your college degree, “higher” education, or training.

Though you can technically “do nothing,” you cannot really “have nothing.” 

While nobody really cares if you don’t invoke Asset Protection to safeguard everything you’ve worked your entire life for, society does need an orderly way to dispose of your stuff when you check out.  If you take no proactive action to effectuate your own Estate Plan (“Do Nothing”), some strangers at your State legislature created an Estate Plan for you that will be foisted upon your loved ones at the time of your death. 

So, it’s really just a matter of whether you want to affirmatively “opt out” of what they have in store for you (your grieving loved ones, to be more exact) and replace their plan with YOURS… or not.

(Click on Items Above to Expand/Contract)

Knowledge is NOT Power.
Applied knowledge may be.
(depends on the knowledge...
and endeavored application)

If You Do Nothing,” You GET nothing.
(so much for that)

RE: Do Something Else – If you know of anything better, call 918-797-0693 and let me know. I’ll do that.

Otherwise, I suggest you select one of the 4 OPTIONS to Do This.”
(see next Section)

There Are Only 4
OPTIONS To "Do This"

Table of Contents from:
INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW - Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package - Trust & LLC Summary - Review Diagram (last updated 9-6-22)
by Generational Wealth Builder

As stated above, the whole point is to move from this public website to the private website (“Member’s Lounge”). 

You’ll be using Wealth Guardian, whether you’re doing a “dry run” (ELITE Silver) to be sure you want to follow through or whether you’re actually ready to go (ELITE Gold).  If you’re ready to roll (ELITE Gold), you’ll also use Wealth Guardian – whether your “4 QUESTIONS” answers lead to more of a “Hands On” or “Hands Free” Package Plan & Experience (you’ll still follow along so you know which end is up).

WARNING: If, for whatever reason, you will NOT be accessing Wealth Guardian, you won’t really have any way to advance – whether that’s establishing such a “Container” for your family (ELITE Gold)… or for now just learning more so you can later choose to do so (ELITE Silver).  In that case, it becomes highly likely that you’ll simply “Do Nothing” (if you’re not doing this, you’re unlikely to “Do Something Else”). 

To help avoid your stagnation, and the ensuing consequences of your inertia, we’ve established 2 other OPTIONS for you to “Do This” – one active, one passive.  The 3rd OPTION for you to “Do This” is to book a “Clarity Call,” allowing you to Fast Track many decisions & parts of the process (Overview, Data Points, etc.).  The 4th OPTION for you to “Do This” (a passive “baby step”) is to join our email list and we’ll give you access to the INTRO & OVERVIEW Document (see Table of Contents pictured to the left) that’s found in the “Wealth Guardian” just before you begin the 10 STEPS. If you go this route, just make a good faith effort to move the needle.  Remember, “you need it before you need it.”

Keys To The Kingdom – As Little As $250

ELITE Gold allows you to begin paying for your Tax-Advantaged Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package by working on the first milestone: The Reservation Deposit that prompts us to begin an Account for you, place you on our radar, and create an “open & pending” file for you & your family.

Even if you simply make a down payment towards your $2,500 Reservation Deposit, as little as $250, we reserve your spot & you take a place in the queue.  Moreover, we fully unlock your Member’s Lounge Account, grant access to the Wealth Guardian, and start dripping the Steps/Modules weekly (as if you’d paid in full). 

You’ll have Instant, Free Access to Wealth Guardian… whether you’re intending to use it as your personal chaperone through the process, or simply use it as a reference periodically so you’ll be familiar with what I’m doing on your behalf. 

We’ll also honor your committment and gift you with Instant, Free Access to our foundational TeleSeminar “Asset Protection Strategies of the Rich.”  That, alone, will save you $2,000.

Additionally, you’ll get Instant, Free Access to the entirety of the “Member’s Lounge” Resource Library.  This will include all of our publications.  It only excludes any custom product offers.

After you’ve completed your Account-opening Reservation Deposit, having now paid $2,500 towards your Custom Document Package, you can submit your Document Data Points and we will begin drafting your Custom Agreements.  

Move Slower, Risk Nothing – Fully Credited To Future Purchase

If you’re not yet ready to commit to the Generational Wealth Builder Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package (understandable if this is all new to you), then you can separately purchase direct access to the “Wealth Guardian” WITHOUT having to commit to purchasing a Custom Document Package Plan & Experience.

Called ELITE Silver, this allows you to act “as if,” with just a nominal fee to establish your Member’s Lounge Account and grant access to the same “Wealth Guardian” others receive as a bonus when purchasing their Custom Document Package. 

This flexible option obviates the high likelihood of people otherwise slipping through the cracks.  You can upgrade to Elite Gold on your own terms & timing. 

Even this option has options, and one of those fully credits your “Wealth Guardian” Access purchase to the price of your later-chosen Custom Document Package bought within a year.  Therefore, you can “baby step” the process without feeling penalized by paying more in the end. 

If money’s super tight, you can elect a no-obligation (either way), dirt-cheap, one-off cost of admission and still receive 100% of the information.

Some people are in a big hurry.  Maybe there’s an urgency due to some situation… or maybe it’s nearly too late already?  Other people may just be altogether impatient.  Still others may not want to read (or know how) and simply prefer to have it all shared dynamically and in real time… getting instant answers to questions rather than reading to discover them.  

I’m simply not creative enough to conjure up all of the rationale, but I am aware enough to discern that there are those who will want to “just get on the phone & bang it out.”  So be it.  Now, you can purchase a G.W.B. Clarity Call – for anywhere from 15 – 90 minutes.

As with the ELITE Silver option, we fully credit your G.W.B. Clarity Call purchase to the price of your later-chosen Custom Document Package bought within a year.  So, again, we’re not here to profit off of your preference to approach things in your own way.

If you don’t want a Custom Document Package, don’t want to check out the entirety of the “Wealth Guardian” and literally see what it’s all about for yourself, and you also don’t want to talk to me… well, candidly, we’re running out of options.

I do have one last thought.  You could at least join an email list and get your hands on our foundational primer: “INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW: Estate Planning & Asset Protection Package – Trust & LLC Summary with Review Diagram.”  We’ll also at least be able to nag you from time to time & hound you about whether you’re ready to get your affairs in order (assuming we actually ever develop a true “mailing list”).  Since we do not actually have a mailing list right now, you’ll just need to go to our HelpDesk, create an account there, and submit a ticket requesting a copy of that Document.

WARNING: if you choose this option, please agree not to die on us – some do, and it’s tough for us to help at that point.

(Click on Items Above to Expand/Contract)

Helping People like you build a dynasty & Leave a legacy since:


love us

Nobody’s story is more important than your own. 

That said, yours hasn’t been written – yet. 

Thus, it’s worth at least hearing from a few people, in their own words, who chose to slay their dragons.

(NOTE: Most, obviously, remain anonymous… or simply silent. In many ways, after all, that’s sort of the whole point.)

"Rather than face the fear and repercussions of dealing with foreclosure and loss personally, I was thankful to have a solid estate and asset protection plan in place to protect my businesses and my family."

"I highly encourage you to explore the expertise of what Mr. Scott Talbert teaches, and listen to him closely. I know from personal experience that you can never anticipate life's uncertainties, but you can plan for them. You can take the step today and safeguard your family, your business, and your assets."
Corey Durrer
(testimonial given when reflecting upon a personal family tragedy)
"It was 2011 when I got my Trust package put together and I have never been sorry I did. I should actually say, "WE" as this is as much for my wife and son, daughter-in-law and grandsons as it is for me! We are all benefiting from the autonomy and asset protection it furnishes. It is also a seamless way to implement protected estate planning that is streamlined and avoids probate and makes the necessities of of any exposure of private life details...or delays...or the frustration of Probate Court unnecessary!"

"What a great way to handle wealth transfer! Something the rich...famous and powerful know about well but most of us, the little guys, who are the ones getting hurt and burnt don't yet! Having this Trust structure in place has over these years opened up a lot of asset protection options and autonomy for us as well as saving us well over $75,00.00! Plus life is simplified for all parties concerned as our estate passes on to where it is supposed to go."

"It would have cost us much more to not have it than it has to have had it!!!! It is really a necessary and great tool for truly building a dynasty, even a small one, and leaving a legacy behind!"
Anonymous Customer
"You need it before you need it!"

Now for the

The deliberately-shared honest sentiments of our customers is always great.

That said, sometimes the unintentional, purely “organic” accolades are exceptionally nice. 

These “inadvertent affirmations” arise as a spontaneous reaction in the context of a positive experience. 

Sometimes they even contain external “professional proofs” from unrelated & unassociated third parties, like this:

Above was a voice mail message left for me, as things began to come together in the favorable way I had forecasted they would.

Here a customer is appreciating one of many fringe benefits…
… beyond any immediate fires we’re putting out.

Above was an email from a customer stating a willingness to give a Testimonial (which itself already is) or be a reference.  This person had just shared Generational Wealth Builder with 4 business associates, noting there were more where those came from.  The GWB Referall Program had not even been announced yet so, from his perspective, there was no potential selfish gain.

Someone sharing their feedback upon accessing Wealth Guardian.

Yours Could Be Next...

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Questions & Answers

I don’t really know that they’re asked frequently.

In fact, I don’t really know much of anything.

Some of the things I have the greatest confidence & conviction about, however, are catalogued in the “Wealth Guardian.” 

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Sure, try this:

I don’t really do (anti) social media, as I had multiple accounts nuked during the Q era, but I did long ago compile some stuff on linkedin to serve as a web-based resume.  It’s reasonably well updated:

NOTE: You also “learned” something presumably useful in discovering why I don’t call these “Frequently Asked Questions.”


The cold hard truth is that I win either way.

On the one hand, I can help you & your family line exert mastery over these matters… should you choose to get your affairs in order. Thus, in that case, I have another happy customer.

On the other hand, if something “sensational” happens to you… I have another “don’t let this be you” story to share.  (assumingly you don’t shamefully keep it from me, in which case I’ll simply never know)

These aren’t far-fetched hypotheticals.  This is real life.  Maybe I’m in a position to see more of it than you are, but it’s simply reality – ugly though it may be.  IRS attacks, drownings & botched “estate plans,” wholly inappropriate litigation judgments, bankruptcy, divorce… I’ve seen a lot.  There are plenty of ways to take it on the chin financially… and for things to end messy.  I literally just learned last night (3/4/23) that an in-law’s best friend committed suicide.  Someone will be dealing with that… whether their house was in order – or not.

I won’t go so far as to say that I don’t care what happens to you… but my house is in order, so it certainly doesn’t really impact me if things go south for you.  I’m doing way more than my part… I’ve spent nearly a year on both a private and public website to give you way more than you need.

A potentially helpful thing to remember is that “marketing” is manipulation – plain & simple.  It’s an attempt to get people to do what YOU want them to do – not necessarily what they want… or what’s in their best interest.  Sure, it’s “normalized” and “sanitized” and every business – large & small – has a “marketing” department.  The only pure, and altruistic, approach is “messaging,” not “marketing.”  It’s one thing to simply inform folks that your product or service exists.  It’s quite another to deliberately engage in efforts to manipulate them into buying.

The same is true of “closing.”  People deify so-called “good” “closers.”  Closing is coercion.  That’s a gnarly thing if you’re engaged in overpowering people’s will using undue influence to effectuate your desired outcome – EVEN IF you’re being nice and EVEN IF it’s actually in their own best interest.  People are free to make decisions that not only do not help them, but also harm them.  I know this because I was a pretty good closer once.  I could, with carefully crafted questions, funnel people down a path to where purchasing was the only rational outcome.  Nobody ever got hurt, and it was all totally in a luxury industry, but there’s not escape from the reality that I’d built a really good mousetrap.  These days, I won’t go there.  It is what it is.  If you want it, buy it.  If you don’t, don’t.  I don’t care.

It may be easier to just remember the inform/influence dichotomy.  These days, everyone is hell-bent on being an “influencer.”  I’m feeling nauseous.  It’s one thing to simply inform.  It’s quite another to seek to influence.  Why you would ever want to influence someone, or even think that you have it all figured out enough that you should open your mouth and seek to persuade others to do or be as you are – is beyond me.

I really don’t care to try – sounds exhausting.

Fear is a lousy motivator; greed is stronger.  However, I don’t like greed – so, you’re out of luck.

That said, consider this: Imagine that, at birth, your parents were given a choice.  On the one hand, they could elect for you to proceed through life using yourself as your “container.”  In other words, you – personally – would own (hold title to, well, basically everything).  Accordingly, assault on you is an assault on your assets (from legal culpability to creditor liabilities – real or imagined).  On the other hand, they could opt for all of “your” “stuff” to be held in a Container that existed for your benefit, but you didn’t technically own it.  Nobody could attack by way of you, because it’s not yours.  You wouldn’t have to worry about passing it along when you die, because it’s not yours.  See where this is going?

If your parents had been issued that choice, which would they choose?

Would they set you up to have your stuff vulnerable & in need of being disposed of at death?

Or, would they have built a fortress around your stuff, still giving you the economic enjoyment of it all, and it could seamlessly pass down to your family line in perpetuity?

They weren’t given that choice… and they’ve probably not yet done so for you at any point after your birth.

So, it rests with you.  

We can go back and “fix it…” or not.

Picture a horizontal continuum from left to right.

We employ Asset Protection for your stuff (from left to right on the continuum) as you march through life (so you can hold on to what you have, and grow it, inside the “Container)…

… then we deploy Estate Planning regarding your stuff (still moving left to right on the continuum, but having hit the “center point” – your death) as “your” “stuff” segues seamlessly to your Heirs, according to your wishes.

Picture that hovering above the horizontal continuum, as if clouds, is a web of Tax Suppression opporutnities – both during the “Asset Protection” phase during life… and also during the “Estate Planning” phase that triggers upon death.  It’s way beyond the scope of this writing, but there are numerous opportunities for creative tax treatment with all of the “entities” and the way they relate one to another.

Now, whereas there are tax advantages hovering above the horizontal sojourning, there is also a bedrock of foundational Business and Asset Continuity, Succession Planning, etc..  One of the stupidest things I’ve witnessed is someone gets a break and obtains a notable asset – like a farm/ranch or other property – and lose it.  Note that this is NOT an asset protection-oriented loss.  This is a paucity of planning – dearth of business continuity & succession planning- loss.  When people “own their own stuff,” they’re forever plagued with the decision of when to hand it over.  If it’s a couch and car, they hand it over when they die – done.  If it’s a business or actively-managed asset… now what?  People have a hard time stepping back and passing the torch.  Doing so in a manner that fosters business continuity and successful succession apt to retain control over family businesses and featured assets requires that this transition happen well before death.  Moreover, it must happen in a fully-transparent, fully-informed context where recipient parties are aware of the expected transfer and they are at a station in life where merging into the role of overseer, and navigating the shift, makes sense.  When “your” stuff is no longer yours but, rather, is held in a neutral basket slated to inure to the benefit of your Heirs anyway, much of the mind game is already won.  Closely-held companies (the LLCs) allow for shared management (multi-manager) and native opportunities for a hand-off to occur in a well-paced context with no negative impact on the business.  Without such setting to foster this conveyance, it’s simply not uncommon to see people keep their stuff too long… and, then, wake up one day and realize the dream of retaining cherished family assets has become the nightmare of realizing you’ve made no mature plans to surrender control in an orderly fashion and there’s typically a scramble to slap something together.  In short, it generally will not take.  Assets…. gone.


I don’t know.

That said, as shared above, your only other two options are to “Do Something Else” (I wish you the best) or “Do Nothing.”   You’ll probably do nothing.  So, let’s take a look at that.

Remember, YOU are the problem.  You always have been; you always will be (unless you remove “you” from the equation).  You are the reason “your” assets can be placed in jeopardy.  You are the reason, upon death, that “your” stuff has to be passed along to someone else.

Estate Planning – if you do nothing, your loved ones will have to go to court & go through probate (even if you have a will).  Some stranger(s) will sort everything out & your family members will eventually get through all of that.

Asset Protection – if you do nothing, you may “get away with it.”  You may not.  It’s an unnecessary risk… and one easily side-stepped with sophistication… so I’m not sure why you’d leave yourself vulnerable to it… but, whatever.

If you find yourself in a situation where you “need” Asset Protection, it’s most likely too late.

You need it (the Estate Planning & Asset Protection Structure) before you need it (Estate Planning & Asset Protection Security).  You need the “Container” (to hold “your” stuff) before you need the features & benefits it provides.  If you don’t have your business taken care of ahead of the triggering event you’re reacting to, it’s not good.  In fact, it can be too late.

I had a friend who, for years, knew I did this type of work.  He could have gotten it before any potential threat.  He did not.  He did, however, contact me after a significant creditor threat was squeezing him to liquidate assets.  He suddenly wanted to shove everything in a Trust and claim he had nothing.  Sequence matters.  You cannot need it, and subsequently try to get it, and expect the ensuing quick hide to work.  That’s called a fradulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer.  “You need it before you need it.”  Had he done this years ago, when there was no threat against “his” assets, then any claim against him would have been impotent.

My buddy isn’t an isolated example.  This happens all the time.  Moreover, people with significant assets take really stupid, unnecessary risks that are altogether avoidable.  Consider his recent headling (3/19/23):

Alex Jones is transferring his money away so he doesn’t have to pay Sandy Hook victims, NYT reports

Now, I don’t give a flying flip what you think about Alex Jones, false flags, or otherwise.  The point here is that “Alex Jones is transferring his money away.”  Why?  Because it’s extremely dangerous for HIM to have money.  Why?  Because there’s a massive claim against it.  It didn’t have to be this way.  For someone with such means, it never should have been.  You literally have an opportunity to be set up much more elegantly, much more efficaciously, than the “rich & famous” (whatever that means).

Keep in mind that this also perfectly illustrates the point that people get in trouble, Trust do not.  Alex Jones supposedly got in trouble for something Alex Jones said.  Trusts don’t speak.  Trusts don’t drive vehicles.  Trusts don’t operate businesses.  Trusts don’t commit sexual harassment.  Trusts don’t commit crimes.  You get the point.  If things are set up the right way, such draconian consequences don’t obtain.  What’s the “right way?”  The way that steers clear of such landmines – THAT’S the “right way.”

NOTE: In the event the msn link dies at some point, I’ve saved an article capture in evernote you can check out here:

Mainly because it is.

The indisputable, undeniable, incontrovertible, unassailable, and altogether unavoidable truth is that “they can’t take it if you don’t have it.”

I don’t own an airplane.  It will prove extraordinarily difficult for anyone to take an airplane from me.

“Own nothing in your own name” is a simple “rule” that allows us to serve, to defer to, the inescapable fact (principle) that nobody can take what you don’t have.

Listen, people get into trouble.  Generally speaking, entities (especially Trusts) do not.  When “your” stuff is in a “Container,” or basket, that ultimately distills down to Irrevocable Trusts… it’s not yours.  You may cause a car accident, but the Trust will not.  You may commit murder, but the Trust will not.  You may get a divorce, but the Trust will not.  You may fall behind on some payments, but the Trust will not.

People get into trouble (lawsuits, garnishments, judgments, liens, levies, etc., etc.)… Trusts do not.  In a highly materialistic society where people measure their sense of self and derive their worth from having “stuff,” you would do well to run the other direction and own nothing.  Owning all that crap in your name is an unnecessary risk and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  So long as you can have the beneficial use (or economic enjoyment), holding “title” to your stuff contributes nothing more but exposure and risk.  

You’ve been warned.

Planning a wedding, or a vacation, is hard.  Yet, you do it.

This public website already tells you far more than I was told when I pulled the trigger.

The Wealth Guardian, well, that Resource is simply off the rails.  You have way more than you need.

Moreover, you have ever option to have me hold your hand… if you want… or even basically do it for you.

In sum, there are no excuses.


It’s not only not expensive, but it’s also not even an expense.  It’s an investment.

Your automobile?  Now that’s an expense.
It’s also expensive… and it won’t even last one lifetime.

By contrast, and by design, your would-be Dynasty Trust lasts many, many, many, many many lifetimes.
This would be a bargain at $100,000.

Remember, we’re talking about not one, but two Trust Agreements.  Frankly, it’s ridiculous to even think of doing these for less than $5,000 (there are RLT mills cranking out those for $3-$5,000).  Moreover, there are at least 2 LLCs… perhaps 3 or more (depending on what you choose).  That’s FOUR entities/Agreements at the very, very least.  A lawyer I know routinely does LLCs for $2,500… but charges 5-figures for more sophisticated offers (which is what I do).  At that rate, these Trusts should easily be $15,000 each… and you’d be well over $50,000.  See for yourself:

It’s all about perspective… and priorities.
Perspective, if worth anything, is objective & based on facts – such as those just shared above.
Priorities, on the contrary, are subjective.
I don’t care to judge your priorities (after all, they’re subjective).
However, I will point out that people who will spend 10 or 20 thousand on a wedding or vacation and 30 or 50 thousand on a vehicle – and then balk at something like this – are displaying their priorities.

To each, his own.

Each of my 5 sons will receive 20% of our Assets, automatically, in a Dynasty Trust…

… and your loved ones?

The deal is me showing you what a deal you’re getting.

18 or so years ago, before being one, I sought out the best Estate Planning & Asset Protection attorney I could find – after buying & reading a number of books on the topic.  Long story short, the Dynasty Trust & DE LLC Structure was priced at $20,000:


Now, having said that, I was a bit of an anomaly at that time… being in my early 30s.  My lawyer typically had notably older customers and thought I could be useful as a reference for prospective clients looking to speak with others who had gone before them.  Indeed, if a 50- or 70-year-old speaks with a 30-something who’s already taken care of business and gotten his affairs in order, that could really prompt older folks to kick it into high gear and get it done… before they are done.  Anyway, so the bottom line is that he offered to do the Package for $5,000 less if I would agree to be a reference for him and his future would-be customers:


So, apples to apples… for $20k I’d give you everything I was offered…
… PLUS I’d serve in your Structure for a year (as Protector, Trustee, etc.) to help you get up & running quickly…
… PLUS you’d have access to Wealth Guardian – something I never had (and neither have my customers, until now).

I should point out that Wealth Guardian, too, is far more than just how to pick names for entities, register them, and get your taxpayer ID with a bank account.  The tips, tricks, tactics, techniques, and trouble-shooting along the way is priceless and can save you much pain.  Beyond that, still, you’ll find all sorts of ancillary assistance ranging from safekeeping advice for Documents to Structure “Maintenance” to Parallel Resources and more.  All of the “extras” in there, alone, are worth well over $5,000.

In the end, you not only get more than I did for the same price… but also now have the opportunity to craft your custom Package (to get exactly what you want), elect to do some of it yourself (exactly as I would, if done for you), and get an even better value by saving loads of cash along the way (only paying for what you truly want… or can currently afford).  It’s no longer “all or nothing,” as nearly everyone can get started with the liberal payment plans all the way around.


Over the years, I’ve concretized these concepts and polished my presentation of them.  I would find myself telling the same stories, using the same analogies, tossing out the same one-liners… and basically doing the same things with people across time.  This is true both verbally and in writing, as I’d go back to emails and sort of surprise myself at how some of the things I’d typed out to people were almost identical.  Once it’s dialed in, it’s dialed in.  There’s little point drifting from what works – what people relate to, understand, and can implement.

It’s taken nearly a year as I write this (3/27/23) to get all of this out of my head and onto “paper.”  Getting everything documented, organized, synthesized, etc. has really taken some time.  I know what I know, and can visit that spot in my brain at will when need be, but committing it all to a placid presentation – that’s also comprehensive and actionable, has taken time (to do well).  Now that I’m at that point, I no longer have to type the same emails over and over – benefitting just one person at a time.  I no longer have to have the same conversation over and over – benefitting just one person at a time.  I’ve typed the email and had the phone call once – and memorialized that communication inside the Wealth Guardian portion of your digital, virtual “Member’s Lounge” Account.

Here’s the point you may not yet discern and appreciate – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said the same thing… to the same person – over and over again.  I’m not belittling them, as I understand the material can be new and require a few “hits” before it sinks in.  What I am doing is pointing out that this is massively inefficient – and expensive.  People do not record their phone calls with me (that I’m aware of) and I can tell you from experience that they don’t even read the emails I send – the first time.  I know this both because they act like they’ve never heard something before… and also because I can ask specific questions in a SHORT email… and they reply with everything but a response to what I really needed from them.  Now, none of that really matters.  The material is memorialized in the Wealth Guardian and it will always be there.  People do not have to worry about struggling to listen for comprehension while also rapidly taking notes.  There’s no more split attention.  People can read, re-read, and re-read again – at will – 24/7/365.  It’s an amazing Resource.

As if that’s not enough, of course, this much more efficient delivery/learning platform frees me up to focus more of my time on Document creation – which means I can help more people at once.  Having endeavored to perfect the ideal presentation of information & instruction (albeit over the span of nearly a year), hundreds of people can have access to “me,” simultaneously, simply by visiting the Wealth Guardian inside their Member’s Lounge Account.  Since I’m not actually sitting down to write an email (that I’ve actually written many times before), or having a phone (that I’ve actually had many times before), I’m free to focus on the things you cannot do for yourself – Documents.  Taking this time demand off my plate, with the concomitant ability to help more people at once, allows me to greatly reduce the price comensurate with the degree of involvement you’re willing to put forth.

That said, you can still have my personal email address and home office phone number.  I can write you emails containing the same information inside Wealth Guardian.  I can also call you and I can share the same poignant and pointed pointers that you could find inside Wealth Guardian.  You simply have to pay for that level of individual demand on my time, that’s all.


Irrevocable Trusts are irrevocable – hence, the name.

Inflexible trusts, however defined, would be inflexible.

Conceivably, an Irrevocable Trust could also be inflexible – but, I have no earthly idea why you’d do something like that.

This is, however, why you’d almost certainly never want to draft your own Documents. 
If you know what you’re doing, an Irrevocable Trust only means it cannot be revoked. 
If you’ve drafted it the right way, you’d never want it to be.
How beautiful is that?

You probably can’t.

That said, you really can’t know much of anything.  Can you know whether the Earth is round, flat, somewhere in between or if there are great land masses beyond some ice wall?  Can you know if there are bases on the moon?  Can you know whether fake Joe Biden is a clone, drone, double, person with a mask… or all of the above?  No.

Learn to live with uncertainty and you’ll gain a true treasure.

That said, let me first state that I’ve never needed my “Structure” to do anything for me that it did not, or could not, do.  That’s a huge start.

Next, let’s be sure we’re at least acknowledging the subtle, but critical, distinction between the type of Trust Agreement employed… and the manner in which the Document or Instrument reflecting it is drafted.  Obviously, you have to pick the right “vehicle.”  Then, you need exquisite drafting to be certain the precision of words births your true intentions.  In the Question titled “Aren’t Irrevocable Trusts Inflexible?,” I refer to things being drafted “the right way.”  However, the best drafting will not cure a poor choice of Trust “type.”

As for the “right” type of Trust (Agreement), just keep it simple.  It’s like a restaurant.  Some have Italian, some Chinese, some seafood, some Italian… others Indian and still others Thai.  Then, there are buffets.  They have it all.  Revocable Trusts are revocable.  That really sucks for Asset Protection.  Other Trusts can either expire… or else they’re simply geared around a single customer – one generation.  They are intra-personal, by design, not inter-personal.  I’ve seen it all.  Consider the true story of a friend who’s father had nearly 100 acres in the Ozark Mountains in a Trust.  The property LEFT THAT TRUST (if you can believe it) and was re-titled in my friend’s name.  Then, creditors took it.  Would a Dynasty Trust, where the property would have lived basically in perpetuity, been the “right” solution if the land was still there to this day… not only for my friend… but also for my friend’s great, great, great, great, great grandchildren.  Sometimes “right” is pretty easy to apprehend.

At this point, keep in mind that we’ve not even begun to discuss all of the features & benefits that stem from using LLCs at the “next leve” of the Structure.  In the interest of time & space, we also won’t go there.  It’s really this simple: this Structure will immensely improve on your current condition.  Moreover, I simply don’t think you can find a better solution.  If you do, let me know.  I’ll do what you’re doing.  Just remember, my Structure has never let me down… so you’ll be looking a long time to find something that can trump something that’s running at 100%.  There are no gaps to fill, no holes to plug.  There’s no known opportunity for improvement and we’ve craftily drafted to accommodate all that comes our way.  That said, knock yourself out.

NOTE: If by “doing this the ‘right way'” you’re referring to establishing the Generational Wealth Builder Estate Planning & Asset Protection Structure the right way, we ensure you do.  Wealth Guardian is your track to follow.  Follow it and you’ll do it right.  Don’t and you won’t.

Get over it.

200 years ago your day would be spent tending to a garden and raising animals.  Now, you’re surrounded by endless material goods.  Yeah, I know – blowing the cash, doing the deal, and getting the dopamine surge from acquiring the latest, greatest things feels good.

On the one hand, I’d encourage you to realize that 95% of the things you surround yourself didn’t even exist 50 years ago… and 99% didn’t exist 100 years ago.  Therefore, those “things” really can’t be all that important when it comes to of much central importance in terms of what it means to be human.  For that matter, the vast mass of things we do for a living weren’t even an option 50-10o years ago.  Thus, some core existential considerations could prove useful in defining what really matters.

On the other hand, I get it that some material comforts have their place – if available.  I also comprehend the value of amassing financial resources to simply provide options and opportunities – for us and our loved ones.  Access to capital is the biggest limiting factor to, well, just about everyone pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their purpose.  That said, let’s hone in on the ample merit of beneficial use versus absolute madness of personal ownership.  You enjoy the park you don’t own.  You love the beach you don’t own.  You get around just fine in the car you rent.  You rent skis because you don’t do it often enough to own.  The same is true of renting a boat.  Hotels and rental homes do the job just fine.  You do NOT need to own things to partake in all of the goodness they have to offer.  Merely using those things for their intended purposes IS the maximum experience.  Owning them would not make the experience you have with them any different.  We want the benefits of use, not the burdens of ownership.  Economic enjoyment stems from access, not necessarily title/deed.  “My stuff” is the chant of an ultimately insecure person who does not inherently feel good about who they are – thus, they pile on the stuff and point to that… for they cannot point to themselves with any great confidence or contentment.  Ironically, they point to things that were dreamt up by another, created by another… birthed into this world by yet someone else.  How and why they’d feel propped up as a person by merely grabbing things and holding on tight is not clear to me.

Long story short, your stuff is fleeting anyway.  All the crap you own is crap that has to be dealt with when you die.  We favor the elegance of entity ownership where we can diminish the bullseye (Asset Protection) and pave the path of fluid generational succession (Estate Planning).  All the stuff you have is stuff you have to deal with (and that, in actual fact, likely has you – truth be told).  Move beyond that to the more excellent way and be content exercising better stewardship over “stuff” and being pleased simply to enjoy what it contributes to your life.

That said, if you’re really that hung up on “my stuff,” then you’re really not compatible with what we aim to do here.  Myopic, intra-generational concern is the antithesis of expansive trans-generational vision.

In one last ditch effort to shake you from that stronghold, you might peek at the Question titled “What do you mean by ‘you need it before you need it?'”  In that I discuss a media piece about Alex Jones trying to give his money away.  Why?  Simple – judgment.  It’s dangerous to have money.  It’s great to be able to leverage it… access to capital opens many doors & creates radical advantages.  However, YOU having money is a very risky, burdensome, and stressful thing… just ask Alex Jones.

Go for it…
… or perhaps see prior question first.

At the same time, libertarian though I may be, we’ve yet to assist anyone through this process where we don’t draft the Agreement Documents.  While it would be ideal for you to be empowered to do it all yourself, it’s really a pretty poor idea.

That said, I’ve worked really hard throughout 2Q22 & early 2Q23 to put you in a position to handle the administrative tasks yourself.  While you’d do them by yourself, you’re not on your own.  You’d actually be completing them exactly as I would if I was doing them for you.  Moreover, I’ve compiled a pretty exceptional Digital Library so you have everything at your disposal that you need for learning about the Structure.  In sum, at will, you can take the lead (if you have the right priorities and ambition) on knowing What we do, Why we do it, and How we do it.  Basically, I’ve put you in a position to take the lead on all but the Documents.  That’s a pretty cool deal… if you ask me.

If you do decide to draft your own, just deploy enough flexibility in drafting to plan for the unexpected.  You basically need to account for everything, even though you cannot know everything.  Not all Documents are created equal.  It’s not what you say, but how you see it.  You need to engineer the internal flexibility to accommodate anything… without inadvertently designing vulnerabilities and flaws.

We take a multi-faceted approach to concepts such as Asset Protection and Business Continuity.

One foundational method of Asset Protection is Asset Segregation.  Basically, we separate substantial and/or distinct assets.  For instance, a 100-acre farm & ranch would be in a different LLC than a convenience store/gas station.  It makes no sense to bundle a homestead with a public-dealing business where liabilities can range from customer grievances to employee claims to the would-be robber you shot dead.  Likewise, we’d never want to have financial investments (foreign currency, bullion, crypto or a brokerage account with mining stocks) in the same entity as a duplex that your rent out.  In sum, we basically just want to segregate assets among distinct LLCs.  A restaurant customer cannot lay claim to my investment Company if it’s a wholly different entity.  You cannot collect from Lowe’s for a slip-n-fall judgment you won against Home Depot.  Get it?

Great – so 1 “Main LLC,” along with the “Management (Company) LLC,” is the minimum to begin (along with the 2 Trusts).  We have lenient payment options (see next Question) to make the handling of getting your Structure doable.  That said, if it’s the overall cost that’s killing you, just begin with one “Main LLC.”  You can scale it to more later.  Obviously, in that case, you just want to be prudent about what all you put in your Main LLC… and how you manage co-mingled assets.  However, keep in mind, you can always retain assets in the Trust(s) proper, too – so there’s that big basket you don’t want to overlook if you’re going lean on the Main LLCs.

Then you’re in good company.  Or, maybe the company isn’t so good, after all… but, you’re not alone – let’s put it that way.  We’re all tight on cash… to one degree or another.

One the one hand, you can use other assets – if you have them.  Precious metals will work… maybe even some copper.  Certain crypto could work too.  Just go to the HelpDesk and submit a ticket indicating your desire to make special payment arrangements.

On the other hand, that’s the whole point of there being payment plans… and for there being payment milestones.  It used to work like this: “half gets me going, half keeps me going.”  In other words, people put half down and that put me to work.  I worked for the remaining half.  That’s what I did with my lawyer nearly 20 years ago – I sent a total stranger $7,500 up front, and another $7,500 when the Docs were delivered.  That basically worked fine for me… but I tested with people starting with less than half (under conditions that called for it)… and us dealing with the balance later… and that seemed to work okay.  So, I decided to run hard in that direction of a lower threshold and you can now begin for just $250.  In fact, you can pay just $250/month and knock out your Reservation Desposit – at which point you’re qualified to submit your Document Data Points so we can begin on your Agreements.  Now, I did get screwed once on the “half & half” plan – by another attorney, no less.  So, I have a simple system to help mitigate that risk… which also lets you get this done with yet smaller monthly payments than the $250/month minimum Reservation Deposit payments.  After your $2,500 Reservation Deposit is paid, and you’ve submitted your Document Data Points, you then begin paying on the Remaining Balance.  That can be paid at a rate as low as $100 per month.  Once you’ve completed 80% of the Remaining Balance payments, your Documents are submitted for your review.  

In the nutshell, you can get this done for as little as $250/month for 10 months (to cover the Reservation Deposit)… and then as little as $100/month to pay off the Remaining Balance.  Just $250 unlocks the entirety of the Wealth Guardian and you can begin – you no longer need “half now, half later.”  The $2,500 Reservation Deposit Payment Milestone gets your Document Data Points submitted.  80% of the Remaining Balance gets your Documents delivered for review.  I’ve generously brought this into reach for the vast mass… and also minimized my exposure (getting screwed at the end of Document Delivery) to 20% of the Remaining Balance payments.  Everyone is better off.

That said, if you still can’t swing it, go to the HelpDesk and submit a ticket – we’ll see what we can do, if anything.

NOTE: All of THAT said, if the issue is not managing payments (without taking food off the table) but, rather, simply the overall price… then see prior Question about beginning with just one “Main LLC” to keep the cost lower.

You need to be able to populate the following positions with players:
Trustor, Trustee, Protector.

If need be, I can serve as your Trustee, Protector… or even Trustor – if need be.

In that case, you’d just need 2 more.
You can actually have a “institutional Trustee” serve as either Trustee or Protector.  If you used two such institutions (“trust companies” or banks that offer such services, etc.), you could cover both the Trustee and Protector positions.

Worst case scenario, if you are an alien who just dropped in from another place in space – and thus know nobody – we can still get it done.  I’d be your Trustor… and you could use institutions for the Trustee and Protector.


You make/initiate the $2,500 Dynasty Trust & LLC Agreement Document Package Reservation Deposit (ELITE Gold).  This gives you free instant access to Wealth Guardianwhich you should immediately begin to go through.  The INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW and STEP 1 sections/modules are unlocked right away.  Subsequent STEPS will unlock weekly.


Once you’ve spent some time with the Wealth Guardian, you can decide if you’ll let me guide you through this process automatically (via Wealth Guardian)… or if you want my personal email, phone number, and prefer for me to escort you by the hand.  You can likewise decide if you want to knock out the “administrative tasks” using the instructions in Wealth Guardian… or pay me to do it for you.  You’ll soon figure out if you need me to play a role in your Structure, and you also can choose between 1 or 2 “Main” LLCs.  In essence, you will have just answered the 4 QUESTIONS. 

After you’ve answered the 4 QUESTIONS, and thereby determined how many of the 4 potential discounts you’ll subtract from the $20,000 “base price,” you now know your Custom Document Package Plan & Experience total price ($20,000 – discounts = Total Price).  Consequently, you now also know your Remaining Balance (Total Price – $2,500 Reservation Deposit = Remaining Balance).  Now knowing that Remaining Balance, you next simply select the payment pace you wish to use to pay off that Balance Remaining.  If you are making payments on the Reservation Deposit, you may wish to wait to begin the Remaining Balance payments until the Reservation Deposit is fully paid.  Otherwise, you can certainly be making payments on both concurrently.


After the $2,500 Reservation Deposit has been paid in full, submit your Document Data Points (see STEP 1 in the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault portion of your Member’s Lounge Account) so we can begin working on your Custom Agreement Documents.  If you’ve not done so, now that your Reservation Deposit is fully paid, you need to begin paying the Remaining Balance.


Once you’ve paid 80% of your Remaining Balance, we’ll deliver your Custom Agreement Documents to you for your review & approval.

If you’re not yet sure you want a Tax-Advantaged Dynasty Trust-based Asset Protection & Estate Plan for you & your lineage, I guess “Step 0” would be to buy access to the Wealth Guardian Legal Vault (ELITE Silver) & decide once & for all.  If “yes,” merge into Step 1 above.  If “no,” well, I don’t know what you do.

See prior question about the “basic steps in this process,” however…

… you submit your Document Data Points (see STEP 1 of the process as outlined inside Wealth Guardian) so we can begin creating your Custom Documents.

As for the balance due (beyond the $2,500 Reservation Deposit), you can pay it off any number of ways – including a simple payment plan at as little as $100/month.


Incidentally, I hate subscriptions too.  However, I’m reasonably fond of electricity, internet, my landline (I’ve never owned a cell/mobile phone)… and view life insurance as a necessary evil.  Thus, I opt for subscriptions when the alternative is less desirable.  I suspect you do too.

What I’d also hate is having to use that landline, or my HelpDesk, to field support requests regarding people’s billing matters.  Fortunately, I have a system (a “Customer Hub” you have direct access to) that let’s you handle that yourself.  The upshot for you, additionally, is that you don’t have to fear getting stuck on a “continuity” program merry-go-round you struggle to get off of.  At the end of the day, if you want out, I want you out – so, there’s a “cancel” button in the Customer Hub that you have exclusive, unilateral control over.  There’s no need to “call customer service” only to be manipulated or begged to stay.  There’s no need to even put in a Support Ticket or other request/notice in writing of any kind.  You just go to your Customer Hub and click a button and it’s over.

Here’s the deal: When you make a purchase through my online shopping cart, you receive a receipt via email.  At the bottom of that receipt, there is a link to my HelpDesk (support), an opportunity to download a PDF version of your receipt, and then there’s a link you can click that allows you to view your purchase history and “manage your billing details:”


When you click on that link, it will take you to the Customer Hub page ( where you can enter the email address you made the purchase with, at which point it will send you an email with the link to access your Customer Hub data:


Once you submit your purchase email address to request the link to access your Customer Hub data, you’ll see on-screen confirmation of your request with instruction to check your email inbox:


You’ll then receive an email from “ThriveCart” and the subject line of that email will read “Update info / view purchase history.”  It’ll look something like this:


Once you open the email, you’ll see the link you click on to be taken to your Customer Hub data portal:


Once you click on the link, you’ll go to a page that looks like this (no login needed):


From here you can update your personal information (email, phone number, etc.), billing address, payment information, etc. by clicking “Update my info” next to your profile.  This is helpful when you have an expiring/expired card, like shown below:


If you do need to update credit/debit card information, simply click on the red “Edit” button and you’ll have the opporutnity to enter a card number, 3-digit code, and expiration date – and then save those changes for uninterrupted/continued billing:


In addition to using the Customer Hub to update your personal information, you can also use it to review/manage your purchases – including ongoing billing for subscriptions.  For example, you may have a subscription because you are making payments towards your $2,500 Reservation Deposit.  Maybe your Reservation Deposit is already fully paid, by you have a subscription because you are making payments towards your Remaining Balance (beyond the Reservation Deposit amount).  In either case, you can simply click on “Subscriptions” to access the details on those (including any trials you’ve undertaken – unlikely – and both current and cancelled subscriptions).  It will look something like this:


You can certainly click on “Update card info,” which merely allows you to update/change your card information – just as you are able to do from within the customer profile section.  The big thing to point out here is that you can click “View” and this will take you to a more granular view of your subscription – history and a very easy way for you to unilaterally terminate your subscription, at will, without having to speak to anyone… or even communicate with them in any way.  Just go to your Customer Hub, “View” your subscription, and kill it.  Here’s what it looks like, with the kill button accentuated:


As you can see, nobody here is endeavoring to get you stuck on some payment merry-go-round.  If you want to stop your billing, for any reason, I don’t care.  However, I also don’t want to be bothered.  So, it works great.  You are empowered to have full control at all times with the Customer Hub.  You can stop the ride at any time, and get off, and nobody will know or care.


NOTE: The Customer Hub link the system will email you at your request can expire after a period of time.  Also, it may not work for you a second time if you’ve already clicked on it to access the Customer Hub.  If either of those apply, or you see something like the below, simply request a fresh link to be emailed to you:

Sure, you can make most changes.

If you sought to save $7,500 by letting Wealth Guardian guide you through this process, and later realized you need more hand-holding, you can always pay the $7,500.  We’ll get you any necessary direct email addresses and phone numbers so you can reach out at will.  Obviously the reverse is not true.  If we’ve nurtured you, one-on-one through the process… you can’t repudiate that.

If you thought you’d tackle the “administrative tasks,” but now want us to… that’s fine, just pay up ($2,500, as listed).  If you first wanted us to, but now you want to try it… as long as we’ve not already done it, go for it.  

If you thought you had your 3 players, but somebody went sideways on you and now you need me… fine, just pay up ($2,500, as noted).  If you thought you needed me, but now have a better option… great, I’ll bow out.

If you only wanted 1 LLC, but now want 2… fine, pay up ($2,500, as designated).  If you had decided on 2, but now just want 1… so be it – as long as we’ve not drafted the Operating Agreement Document, you can flush it.

Notwithstanding the above, in no case will any refunds be issued.  So, be sure you’ve made up your (last) mind prior to making payments.

Moreover, this “play in the joints” exists while your Custom Document Package is being created.  Once the Documents have been delivered to you for review, this process is deemed complete for the sake of any special pricing.  In other words, the additional LLC will be $4,500 in the future, not $2,500.  If you later need me to serve in your Structure, it will be $3,500/year, not $2,500.


That goes back to 2009 when this all started.  That is now an antique and, frankly, is actually my only remaining copy.

You’ll get your Documents delivered digitally.  Where applicable, physical copies will be shipped sans binder (for instance, if I need to sign anything).

Pick from the following 4 “Options To ‘Do This'” (which we already discussed earlier), outlined below:

So... One Last Time...

There Are Only 4
Options To "Do This"

G.W.B. Elite Gold

  • Free Instant Access to Your Wealth Guardian
  • BONUS:  “Limited Liability?  Why I’ll Never Own An LLC For Any Business… EVER!”  This classic eBook, over a decade old now, challenges everything you thought you knew about Limited Liability Company protection (whether protecting you from your business… or your business from you!)
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  • Free Instant Access to “Asset Protection Strategies of the Rich” – Reg. $2,000, On Us! (pictured below)
  • Free Instant Access to all other Digital Resources in the Member’s Lounge (as shown below, all of which will be added gradually in time)
  • Initiate/Make your $2,500 Custom Document Package Reservation Deposit and you’ll soon submit your Document Data Points so we can “birth” this for your benefit! 
    (as low as $250):

G.W.B. Elite Silver

  • Purchase Instant Access to the Wealth Guardian (as low as $200)
  • Optional: Wealth Guardian purchase price applied/credited to Custom Document Package purchased within one year.
  • BONUS:  “Limited Liability?  Why I’ll Never Own An LLC For Any Business… EVER!”  This classic eBook, over a decade old now, challenges everything you thought you knew about Limited Liability Company protection (whether protecting you from your business… or your business from you!)
  • BONUS: Put A “Lawyer In Your Corner” and Bullet-Proof Your Online Presence Before Bedtime Tonight!  Save $900 on “Digital Compliance For Your Digital Presence” with the Original Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers offering 100% efficacy for 14 years: Website Legal Pages

Book A Clarity Call

  • Only pay for the time you want – Book a 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90-minute call.  We can talk about anything, including what to name your next dog.
  • Clarity Call purchase price applied/credited to Custom Document Package purchased within one year.
  • BONUS:  “Limited Liability?  Why I’ll Never Own An LLC For Any Business… EVER!”  This classic eBook, over a decade old now, challenges everything you thought you knew about Limited Liability Company protection (whether protecting you from your business… or your business from you!)
  • BONUS: We’ll create a “Member’s Lounge” Account for you and activate the entire INTRO & OVERVIEW section of Wealth Guardian.  That way, you’ll not only have access to the INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW Document (with Structure Diagram) (offered separately to the right), but also all of the supporting information and sub-sections inside the private Members-only area.
  • BONUS: Put A “Lawyer In Your Corner” and Bullet-Proof Your Online Presence Before Bedtime Tonight!  Save $900 on “Digital Compliance For Your Digital Presence” with the Original Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers offering 100% efficacy for 14 years: Website Legal Pages

Email List / Intro Doc

INTRO & OVERVIEW cover page

We don’t really have an email list yet.

However, if you don’t access Wealth Guardian or Book a Clarity Call, now what?  It’s “Do Nothing,” by default.

To help you at least advance the ball, you can visit our online HelpDesk and request the INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW Document (with Structure Diagram) that is otherwise made available to all in the Wealth Guardian portion of their Member’s Lounge Account.  

Simply click the button below, register a HelpDesk account, and make your request.

Your ELITE Gold Status Also
INCLUDES This Entire Library:

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